Mossy Oak Chaps - Full Protection   


Guaranteed snake bite protection in Superflauge Snake Chaps

*These chaps are really stiff and hard to walk in- But they protect you all the way up to the hip.  Especially good for working in swamp or streams where snakes reside.


Short-25" Inseam--Regular Leg

Short-25" Inseam-fuller cut--STOCKY

Regular-28" Inseam--Regular Leg  (Conceal Camo)-Not Mossy OAK

Regular-28" Inseam-fuller cut--STOCKY

Tall-31" Inseam--Regular Leg

Tall-35"-Stocky (STOCKY)

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Snake proof protection to the hip.

SNAKE CHAPZ(TM)FP - Guaranteed Snake proof protection to the hip.

SNAKE CHAPZ(TM)FP - Guaranteed Snake proof protection to the hip.

Snake Chapz(TM) full protection chaps are manufactured with 1000 Denier Cordura(TM) Nylon encasing polycarbonate inserts. They are snake proof to a minimum of 19" high by the polycarbonate inserts and to the top of the chap by 18oz of polyurethane impregnated nylon. This allows knee action while providing snake proof protection to the top of the chap. They are impact tested by the United States Testing Laboratory at ASTM test method F-1342-91 specifications.

The exterior material has 1 oz of urethane waterproofing applied to the inside surface. A YKK metal zipper on the inside of each chap provides "easy on - easy off" over heavy boots or shoes. Snake Chapz(TM) are secured in place with a 1" polyester strap, which may either be slipped through a belt loop or over the belt and are connected by a polycarbonate quick release buckle. This provides full range height adjustment - a unique feature with Snake Chapz(TM).

Although Snake Chapz (TM) FP offer full protection higher up on the leg, they are heavier and movement is more confined than in the regular Snake Chapz(TM) due to the thickness of the snake proof fabric on the top portion.Snake Chaps in Mossy Oak with Full Snake Protection-- $89.95 and Free shipping