SnakeGuardz Snakebite Protection
In A Variety of Choices  


Blaze Orange Snakeguardz

Snake guardz snakebite protection in Gameguard Camo

Gameguard Snakeguardz


Gameguard Camouflage full protection to the hip snake chaps

Gameguard Chaps



Sometimes dangerous things lay in the grass. They don't mean to harm you but if you happen to surprise them, sometimes they strike out. It's wise to be wearing guaranteed Snakeguardz snakebite protection.

Cocoa brown snake guards now available in regular length or extra tall Bushlan Camouflage Snake bite leggings

Snakeguards in Dark Brown or Bushlan Camo

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  Brown chaps with up to the knee snake bite protection

Cocoa Brown Snake Chaps


Khaki Tan Lightweight Snake Protection

Khaki Tan Snake Guardz Cool and Lightweight Snake Protection

New olive green snakeguardz specially made for the border patrol

New  Olive Green Snakeguardz